Business Inbox: Viber launches a new feature in Bulgaria

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Noa Bar Shay
Senior Partnerships Account Director at Rakuten Viber
Business Inbox: Viber launches a new feature in Bulgaria

Sofia, 01 September 2022 - Rakuten Viber, a global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, is announcing the launch of Business Inbox: a new feature that will allow for all business messages from official brand accounts to be stored and organized in one folder. Bulgaria is the first country in Viber’s European region to have the new feature. Convenient for users and effective for brands, Business Inbox is Viber’s latest step towards great customer experience within the app. 

The new feature will be activated once the first business message is received—for example, an order confirmation from a food delivery, a notification from a bank, a special offer from a store, etc. For users that have had conversations with businesses in the past, the Business Inbox folder will appear right after the Viber version update. Once the Business Inbox folder is created in the chat list, all business messages go there by default. Additionally, this provides another layer of security for brand-user interactions because only chats with verified businesses will go into the folder. 

Recent surveys show that 71% of consumers want to have convenient access to communication with a business, and 95% of leaders say that providing a good customer experience is a top strategic priority. In Bulgaria, just within the first half of the year, Viber saw a cumulative growth of 50% across all types of business messages delivered—and 79% growth specifically in conversational business messages (chats with customer support, discussions about an order, etc.).

Business Inbox: a new feature in Bulgaria

How Business Inbox helps brands strengthen relationships with their clients:

Today, globally, more than 8500 brands rely on Viber Messaging solutions to communicate in 1-to-1 discussions with their customers. In Bulgaria alone, there are almost 700 business accounts registered, and this number continues to grow.

  • Business Inbox is the perfect place for brands to interact with users, increase engagement, and drive conversions
  • Business Inbox creates a dedicated space where users are ready to communicate with brands
  • The new feature improves customer experience and leads to brand loyalty
  • Test launches show the open rate for messages in Business Inbox is more than 70%
  • Customers trust business messages because Business Inbox admits only messages from verified official accounts

How this feature benefits users:

  • Viber values users’ privacy and gives them even more control over their in-app experience thanks to a dedicated folder that separates business interactions from private chats
  • Each user can arrange interactions with brands to their taste: move chats from Business Inbox to the main chat list and vice versa, pin specific business conversations to the top, etc.
  • Users won’t miss any important updates from brands, thanks to lock screen notifications and convenient UI
  • All messages from official accounts land in Business Inbox by default, so messages from verified brands are even easier to recognize

“In line with our super-app strategy, Viber aims to be more than just a private communications tool. We offer a range of features and capabilities that help users facilitate their daily tasks without leaving the comfort of the app: from chats with brands to ordering food delivery—and even paying utilities,—says Crisitina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer at Rakuten Viber.—Business Inbox creates a dedicated space that’s perfect for brand-user interactions, making it effective and convenient for both businesses and their customers.”

While developing all new features for convenient use and brands’ communication, user security and data privacy are incorporated into the very DNA of the company. Viber has declared a commitment to protecting its users' data with end-to-end encryption by default, available for all private 1-on-1 and group calls and chats since 2016, and all business messages are secured with encryption in transit.

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All private Viber calls and chats are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption, and Viber Business Messages have encryption in transit, so users and brands can be sure that their conversations are always secure.

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