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Podorozhnyk Pharmacy

Viber Rich Business Messaging — ecosystem for customer interactions & sales
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About Podorozhnyk

The Podorozhnyk pharmacy chain is a leader on the Ukrainian market, with over 24 years of expertise & more than 1850+ pharmacies. Serving 15M+ loyal customers throughout the country, Podorozhnyk makes quality pharmaceutical care available to everyone.

Why Rakuten Viber?

Podorozhnyk chose Rakuten Viber because:

  • Presence on Rakuten Viber provides easy access to the customers’ home screen;  
  • It was more cost-effective than a dedicated app; 
  • With this infrastructure, users can place orders from anywhere in the world;
  • Most of Podorozhnyk’s customers are on Rakuten Viber already;
  • Rakuten Viber is capable of acting as a single ecosystem for all customer interactions.
  • maximize customer engagement
  • generate leads & revenue
  • deliver personalized promotions
  • collect customer feedback
  • improve customer experience & loyalty

Podorozhnyk uses Viber Rich Business Messaging as an entire infrastructure to interact with customers across various points in the customer journey:

  • Targeted Viber Business Messages bring users into the chatbot, engage, and deliver promotions; 
  • Viber Chatbot collects feedback, shares polls & promos, acts as a virtual loyalty card, and allows placing orders for pickup in-store.
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  • +10% increase in ROI thanks to Viber Rich Business Messaging
  • +37% higher turnover, compared YoY
  • 450% ROMI of promotional campaigns on Rakuten Viber
  • Over 1.1M chatbot subscribers within the first year of the campaign
  • 46% of bot subscribers tapped for feedback — provided it
  • 50% of all online orders for pickup are placed via the chatbot
“People are used to talking on messengers because it’s so quick and easy. So, why not use them to place orders, too? Out here, everyone has Rakuten Viber and it’s usually on the phone's home screen, which is the most expensive digital real estate today. So, with this set-up, you can place an order in just a few clicks — and we claim a prime spot on our customers’ phone screens. Rakuten Viber has become an essential, core part of our sales infrastructure. Its solutions create an entire ecosystem for customer interactions: from promotions and sales to feedback collection and loyalty program.”
Viacheslav Sauts
Director of Marketing at Podorozhnyk Pharmacy

This success story has been achieved in cooperation with Rakuten Viber’s official messaging partner GMS

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