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D Express is a technically forward-thinking express courier service based in Serbia. Employing 1,200 people and operating a network of distribution centers located in 21 cities across the country, it delivers over 65,000 parcels every single day to both business and consumer addresses all over Serbia.

In 2018 D Express enlisted Rakuten Viber to help improve its mobile marketing strategy and enhance its communication with its customers, with the aim of having parcel recipients stay up to speed with their deliveries.


As the largest messaging app in D Express’ native country Serbia with a 82% market penetration, Rakuten Viber was the obvious messenger marketing tool. Rather than bothering customers with phone calls, D Express turned to Rakuten Viber Business Messages and conversations.

The Rakuten Viber conversational experience starts with the customer receiving an automated and personalized message updating them on details of their delivery. They can then reply to a Rakuten Viber business account directly, for more information, redirecting the shipment etc. This empowers the customer – they have all the info to hand and they can reply at a time that is convenient.

Because there is no waiting for a call operator to answer, customer response times can be improved. Customers enter a PIN code for delivery validation, and in case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt they will receive a notification summarising options available to them.

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Out of 300,000 D Express Business Messages delivered every month, 85% were delivered for the first time – an improvement of 15% compared to before they started using Rakuten Viber. This enabled the business to provide a better quality of service, improving customer experience and building trust and loyalty within its customer base.

Given that 81% of consumers say it is difficult to communicate with businesses, D Express’ results are a win for both the brand and its customers.

"D Express, one of our most valued clients in Serbia, was looking back in 2019 for an effective messenger marketing tool to improve communication flow with its customers. Being one of Rakuten Viber's business partners, Akton was able to offer the perfect solution by introducing Rakuten Viber Business Messages with a 2-way conversational service. For the first time this led to very successful conversations between D Express and its customers with 24/7 open channel communication, higher quality of communication and amount of data exchanged and last but not least with lower costs with favourable Rakuten Viber business pricing."

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