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Fanta by Coca-Cola

Fanta uses Viber Lenses & Gems to build emotional connection with customers during holiday season
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About Fanta by Coca-Cola

Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks and a major part of the Coca Cola beverage portfolio. Fanta is very popular in Greece.

Why Rakuten Viber?
  • Rakuten Viber is immensely popular in Greece, holding a staggering 91% smartphone penetration rate.
  • Viber Lenses are an interactive AR-powered feature that’s highly engaging and appealing to the Gen Z audience.
  • Viber Gems are special animations triggered by specific words and phrases in users' conversations, such as 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy New Year', and similar holiday greetings. Used nearly 7.3 million times each month in Greece, Viber Gems brighten up the chats for millions of users and draw additional attention to special occasions.
  • attract the Gen Z audience
  • raise brand awareness and visibility
  • engage consumers with a creative & memorable digital-first experience
  • create an association between Fanta and the carnival season (and the fun it entails)
  • push the boundaries on immersive advertising and digital marketing

In partnership with Mindshare, Fanta launched a pioneering media-first campaign on Rakuten Viber:

  • Branded Viber Lenses: an interactive AR-powered feature in the carnival theme, branded by Fanta
  • Branded Viber Gems: words related to the carnival holiday (i.e. Carnival, Masquerade, Clean Monday, Koulouma, Costume, Dress up, etc.) activated a Fanta-branded carnival animation in conversations
  • Both the Fanta-branded Lenses & Gems were promoted externally and on Rakuten Viber: via the official Rakuten Viber Greece channel and a banner in the Explore screen.
  • 5.6M+ Fanta-branded Viber Gems were generated during the two weeks of the campaign
  • 256K+ users tried on Fanta-branded festive Viber Lenses
  • 13.5% of users who tried the Lens took a picture with it and shared it with others
  • Coca-Cola Hellas became the 1st company in the world to use branded Viber Gems and 1st to launch branded Viber Lenses in Greece
We're thrilled about our collaboration with Rakuten Viber on this pioneering “media-first” campaign. Viber Gems and Viber Lenses attracted the Gen Z audience and boosted engagement with Fanta. The implementation of these solutions, for the first time in Greece, represents a significant innovation in digital marketing

This success story has been achieved in cooperation with Mindshare

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