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Building a global tennis community on Rakuten Viber and harnessing the power of the messenger
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The Global Tennis Community is an online Rakuten Viber Community focussed on tennis news from across the world, especially from the professional tour spearheaded by Australian entrepreneur and social media influencer Samuel Begg. Its reach extends to professional tennis players, industry insiders and fans both casual and hardcore alike.

Thanks to its diverse range of content and accessible, fun approach, the Community is often ranked in the top trending Communities worldwide. The Global Tennis Community wanted to utilise Rakuten Viber for Business solutions to manage and make the most from this continued growth.


Due to their engaging nature and fun visual nature, a Rakuten Viber Stickers campaign helped to highlight the content, emphasise wins and great shots, while also automatically subscribing users to the Community.

This was bolstered by other Rakuten Viber content feed features or ideas like polls, live chats and giveaways to increase user engagement across territories.

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Despite the tennis world being disrupted by the pandemic, the Global Tennis Community on Viber enjoyed a very successful few months, expanding beyond its USA/Australia focus and boosting its popularity in the top 30 countries in which Viber operates.

It achieved a cumulated social media audience of 183,000, and has seen constant exposure on the Viber Explore screen in France, UK, Ireland, USA and Australia since May 2020: its impressions on the Explore screen in that time totalled over 25.5 million, with a reach of over 12 million, an average CTR total of 6.85% and an average CTR unique of 8.23%.

GTC also notched up more than 685,000 subscribers from all over the world on Viber alone, and has been promoted multiple times in the CEE region (with high-profile stars like Djokovic of Serbia and Tsitsipas of Greece), and APAC (especially in the Philippines).

This led to the Global Tennis Community truly fulfilling its promise and reaching a global audience of tennis fans through Viber.

"The Global Tennis Community and I partnered with Rakuten Viber in 2019, with the aim to deliver tennis news, videos, and discussion to fans around the world, no matter who or where they are. Rakuten Viber, with a diverse global user base, was the perfect platform to embody this idea. Now, the Global Tennis Community has more than 685k subscribers on a messaging app."

Global Tennis Community  

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