New Viber business features to help brands succeed in 2022

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
New Viber business features to help brands succeed in 2022

Viber for Business presents new features and key updates for better brand and user conversations in 2022

Viber continues to improve Business Messaging solutions, enabling brands to send video to users and users to easily copy codes, emails and links within Viber Business Messages.

Rakuten Viber, a global leader in messaging communication, continues creating opportunities to enhance the level of communication between brands and users with an option for brands to send video to users and possibility for users to copy codes, links and contact information with one tap within Business Messages. 

Following this release, brands will be able to send video to users from their Viber business account. The feature will work for videos in 3gp, m4v, mov and mp4 formats with a maximum size of 200MB. Users will be able to reply to and pin a video message just like any regular Business Message. Messages from brands to users can be of different types: 

  • video only
  • video and text
  • video, text and CTA button

The new feature will allow brands to send even more engaging, creative and useful content, utilising video to showcase new products, explain product characteristics, provide instructions and more. For example, a cosmetic brand can share a video with detailed review of new products recently bought by a user and explain how to combine it with other products purchased. The feature will be progressively released in the second half of December.

Additionally, to further simplify users' interactions with brands, Viber now allows them to copy codes, phone numbers, emails and links within Business Messages. The feature works for numbers of 4 digits and longer. A long tap on the number will copy it and display a toast message with "Number copied". This is especially convenient for one-time passwords, promo codes, delivery tracking IDs, etc. 

With a short tap on a link, an email or a long number that can be dialed or messaged (usually above 7 digits) users will see a menu with different options: call, message, add to contact, etc. or are redirected to a website or email box. The feature is already available on Android, iOS and Desktop.

These updates enrich the Viber business features suite that is designed to improve brand communication with customers, something which may be particularly useful on the eve of the holiday season when sales are skyrocketing and services are reaching the peak of demand. 

The desire to make the process of brand to user interaction convenient and create conditions similar to communications with a friend or loved one drives the constant development of Viber’s suite of features. 

Here are the key Viber business features for 2022, created to enhance communication between brands and their customers via better customer support, after sales care, convenient management of important information and more:

  • A two-way file-sharing option that allows brands to send important information and different types of files (warranties, invoices, catalogs, booking confirmations, certificates). Users can exchange files with brands (ID copies, different documents, etc.) .
  • Users can easily send photos and videos to brands. For example, a customer buying a new table in a shop and having an issue with assembly can receive aftersales support directly via Viber by sending video to a chat with a brand.
  • Viber lets users pin important Business Messages within a thread or to pin the full conversation on top of the main chat screen, for example, booking confirmations or PCR test results from a lab to quickly find and show while traveling.
  • Users can reply to specific messages within Viber Business Messages, making it easier for conversations to cover specific topics in a clear way.
  • If a brand cannot provide responses straight away, the new auto-reply feature works like an out-of-office, which very soon will be also customizable by brands according to their preferences.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about messaging solutions that Viber for Business has to offer.