The Impact of Visual Content: How Messaging Apps Are Changing the Way We Connect

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Karla Banua
Sales Lead, Advertising in APAC at Rakuten Viber
The Impact of Visual Content: How Messaging Apps Are Changing the Way We Connect

Picture this: you're scrolling through your phone, and suddenly, a video, GIF, or meme stops you in your tracks. That's right – the days of plain text and drab conversations are long gone. In today's digital world, visual content is taking center stage, making our chats more vibrant, engaging, and let's face it – downright addictive. Let’s uncover the impact of image-based media and explore how messaging apps are revolutionizing the way we connect, express, and create relationships in the blink of an eye. 

Picture Perfect: The Science of Visual Processing & Human Interaction

Did you know that a staggering 50% of the human brain is either directly or indirectly involved in processing graphical data? Our retinas have 150 million light-sensitive cells. In the cortex, 30% of neurons are dedicated to visual processing, compared to 8% for touch and 3% for hearing. Our eyes have a lot of nerve fibers, way more than our ears. Different parts of our brains work together to understand pictures, their direction, color, size, and shape.

  • Our brains can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. Furthermore, at least 65% of people are considered "visual learners", with some studies estimating this number to be as high as 80%, depending on the learning style categories and research methodology used.
  • People are really good at remembering visuals; some tests reveal that we can recreate an image with more than 90% accuracy in a few days after briefly seeing it. This fantastic memory for pictures is better than for words, probably because images help us to create associations.
  • Images are very important for our communication and understanding. When we get information, we usually remember only 10% after three days. But if we see a related picture, we can remember up to 65%.
  • Also, pictures help make presentations 43% more convincing. They can make the presenter seem more clear, professional, and interesting. In social media, visual posts are 40 times more likely to be shared, and a story with an image every 75-100 words gets twice as many shares as one with just text. So, visuals are really important for improving how we communicate and connect with the world.

App-solutely Connected: The Evolution of Communication in the Digital Age

The rise of messaging apps has revolutionized the way we communicate, shifting us from traditional methods like emails to convenient and interactive digital platforms. A recent study revealed that individuals spend an average of 2.5 hours daily on chatting apps, with a younger audience devoting nearly 3 hours to these platforms. This trend can be attributed to the ease of having conversations anywhere, anytime, and the ability to send multimedia messages, such as videos, images, and various file types, making communication more engaging and informative.

As messaging apps continue to evolve, so does their ability to integrate visual content, enhancing the overall user experience. This has also opened doors for marketers to leverage these platforms for brand interaction, enabling them to connect with customers where they are most active. Personalization and creativity are key, with companies utilizing data insights to create tailored materials that capture attention and resonate with individual preferences. Examples of innovative marketing strategies include those using branded stickers, engaging videos, and interactive AR lenses. 

Vibe with Rakuten Viber: Exploring Lenses, Stickers, Ads, Images & Videos for Enhanced Communication

At Discover the power of visual content and how Rakuten Viber can enhance communication and brand engagementViber, we truly believe that it's better to see once than to read ten times, which is why we offer a variety of solutions and features that provide users with a unique communication experience and opportunities for businesses to creatively express themselves.

One of our solutions are Rakuten Viber Lenses, which allow adding 2D and 3D elements, animations, and sound effects to visual content. These lenses can be tailored to resonate with customers. They can be used in various ways, such as celebrating special occasions, promoting new products, supporting social causes, and many more. Lenses help to create awareness about your brand, letting users share your content and making it viral. 

Engaging Lenses on Rakuten Viber

Tailored to a local context, Rakuten Viber Lenses can be employed to promote regional branches, events, or exclusive deals, helping attract local customers and generate buzz. Examples include lenses featuring regional delicacies, local sports teams, or iconic landmarks. 

Interactive Lenses, such as games and contests, can promote a brand while offering interactive experiences. Examples include virtual trivia quizzes, dress-up, and sports skill challenges. By leveraging Rakuten Viber Lenses, companies can create engaging, personalized marketing strategies that connect with customers on a deeper level.

Interactive brand experience with Rakuten Viber Lenses

Rakuten Viber Stickers offer an effective way to build brand awareness through native advertising. Stickers allow users to express themselves visually, making them an attractive marketing tool. Businesses can implement Rakuten Viber Stickers in different ways, such as creating personalized sticker packs that anyone can download and use, increasing their reach and accessibility. 

Sticker styles are flexible, allowing companies to express their brand identity or convey a specific message. Additionally, brands can link sticker packs to their Chatbots or Channels on Rakuten Viber, leading users to subscription after a download and expanding marketing message audience.

Raiffeisen Bank Serbia Chatbot using Rakuten Viber Stickers and bots in synergy

Rakuten Viber Ads are another media solution, allowing brands to effectively promote their products and services among the app's extensive audience in more than 190 countries around the world. This reach makes Rakuten Viber an invaluable platform for businesses to engage with people.

Brands can choose from various ad placements:

  • Rakuten Viber Chats: As it’s the first screen seen by users when they open the app, ads displayed here provide maximum exposure.
  • Rakuten Viber Calls: With calls and contacts combined on a single screen, this ad placement enables brands to reach customers before they initiate a call.
  • Rakuten Viber More: This option allows advertisers to expand their visibility to consumers visiting the Rakuten Viber sticker store, subscribing to Rakuten Viber Out plans, or updating their profile and settings.
  • Business Inbox: A dedicated folder for brand-user interactions where users find messages from businesses, it’s an excellent place to reach customers when they already want to see more from brands.
  • Rakuten Viber Post-Call: A rich media ad that appears when users end a call. It can incorporate a visual or a video, text, and a call-to-action (CTA) button for enhanced engagement.
  • Rakuten Viber Explore: Rich media ads are shown alongside premium brand content that is popular among users, ensuring a positive association with the advertiser's brand.
  • Rakuten Viber for Desktop: Be it a native display ad or a premium video ad spot at the bottom of the chat list, brands can use these formats to reach a broader global audience on a desktop version of Rakuten Viber.
Examples of various Rakuten Viber Ads placements 

Rakuten Viber's images and videos create rich business messaging experiences and offer a convenient way to advance customer interaction and support. Businesses can use Rakuten Viber's video-sharing feature to showcase new products and special deals, provide useful tips, and share instructions. With images and videos, companies can send attention-grabbing and self-explanatory messages, improving customer experience and building stronger relationships with their audience. Moreover, users can send photos and videos to businesses, streamlining communication and addressing issues more efficiently. For example, a customer who doesn’t know how to assemble a new table can send a video to chat with a brand where a support specialist can assist him in real time. 

Examples of rich-media Rakuten Viber Business Messages to advance customer interaction

Visual Symphony: The Art of Maintaining Brand Consistency

Consistent design can help create a strong identity, build customer trust and loyalty, and reinforce company messaging. Aligned branding across platforms, including Rakuten Viber, helps build a memorable connection with your audience. 

If you have a Business Account on Rakuten Viber, make sure to maintain brand consistency with  elements such as the logo, title, and description. Ensure they align with your other marketing materials, creating a unified and recognizable company presence. For the logo image, maintain consistency in size, color, and design features to make it easily identifiable. When choosing a title, include your organization's name and ensure it stays in line with the tone and style of your other promotional materials. Lastly, when crafting a description, provide valuable and helpful information without being overly salesy, fostering trust and a positive connection with your audience.

By aligning your Rakuten Viber Business Account design with your branding and following these tips, you can establish trust with your clients and stay recognizable across all communication channels.

Examples of Rakuten Viber Business Accounts 

Picture the Possibilities: Unlock Rakuten Viber's Visual Potential for Enhanced Communication & Connections

The impact of visual content on our communication is undeniable, as it enhances the way we express ourselves and engage with others. Rakuten Viber's understanding of the audience has allowed us to create a platform that caters to users’ love for visuals while fostering meaningful connections. As businesses strive to establish a strong presence in the ever-growing digital landscape, adding visual elements in their communication can significantly improve user experience, customer loyalty, and brand identity.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your organization’s communication and engagement strategies. Explore Rakuten Viber and its solutions, such as Lenses, Stickers, Ads, and rich-media Business Messages, to create captivating and memorable experiences for your audience. 

Start your journey with Rakuten Viber now and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your brand's success.