Top Benefits of Viber Business Messages

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Top Benefits of Viber Business Messages

A recently released Digital 2022 report includes impressive new numbers: 92.1% of all people access the internet via their phones, while only 71.2% on laptops or desktops, and 28.2% on tablets. The average time a user spends on a mobile device is 4 hours 48 minutes daily. With everyone on mobile today, reaching customers through this channel is more critical than ever.

At Viber, we connect people all over the world, providing free and secure calls and messages. Rakuten Viber operates in over 190 countries. Our numbers echo the scale and depth of the mobile reach described in the Digital 2022 report: every single minute there are 3 million active Viber users who send 3,9 million messages, share 1,2 million pictures and make 375 thousand calls.. 

Calls and messages are the core of Viber, but there is so much more. Stickers, group chats, and innovative Viber Lenses are just some of the rich, engaging features that people love. 

With this level of engagement, it’s no wonder why businesses choose Viber to connect with their customers. A secure, reliable, and easy-to-use app with a wide range of features, Viber is the communication tool businesses need to succeed. Available on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, it is a multi-platform app that users can access from anywhere, anytime, allowing companies to ensure their message is getting through.

Viber for Business

Viber offers a suite of messaging and advertising solutions aimed at helping businesses at different stages of the customer journey.

This is a series of articles, each dedicated to the benefits businesses can get from using one of the Viber for Business products and solutions. This blog will focus on the benefits of using Viber Business Messages.

What are Viber Business Messages?

Viber Business Messages are transactional, promotional, and conversational messages sent by companies directly to their database of customers. 

Not only can these messages be sent in a single thread, but customers can reply, so businesses engage in a conversation. This type of connection with the customer is key to building loyalty and trust. One-to-one communication leads to a better understanding of customer needs and preferences. This, in turn, can help companies improve their products and services, and increase sales. 

Some examples of transactional messages include order tracking notifications, purchase receipts, account activation messages. Promotional messages are specials and deals, updates, new product launches, and more. This communication works great for re-engaging inactive customers, too. Conversational messages are designed for customer service queries, collecting feedback, and communicating about any subject you or the customer would like to discuss.

What are the core benefits of one-to-one, personalized messages?

Your customer opted in for this type of notification, so you know they do want to hear from you, the brand. 

Single channel for all types of messages

Send transactional, promotional, and conversational messages in one channel, making it easy for you and convenient for the customer. They can easily search for messages and pin the ones they need to the top of the chat screen.

Two-way communication

A marketer’s dream comes true – creating an emotional connection, building loyalty, and turning one-time buyers into life-long customers through a dialogue with a customer. Studies show that customers who feel a personal connection to a brand are more likely to be loyal, make additional purchases, and recommend the company to others. Mobile messaging is one of a few channels that allows the building of that type of two-way communication. Customers can reply to your messages instantly, meaning you can get feedback quickly and respond immediately. 

Conversations with clients via Viber Business Messages

Verified official business account

When businesses set up an official account with Viber, they get a “blue tick” – the sign of brand authenticity. It is a significant differentiator on the platform and assures users that they are communicating with a verified business. Include the logo, description, address and additional contact information for your business on your Viber business profile to make it easy for customers to find out more. Trust is important. It's what allows us to form relationships, make decisions, and feel secure in the world around us. When it comes to brands, trust is essential for establishing positive relationships with customers and clients.

Official Viber business account

Interactive conversations enhanced with new features

With Viber Business Messages, you don’t need to limit what you send to just a short text. Brands can include up to 1,000 characters, images, videos, files, and even URLs with a CTA button. Customers can also send you files, photos or videos. This type of exchange can create a more interactive and engaging conversation, and for businesses, it can provide a more detailed view of what the customer is looking for. 

Interactive conversations via Viber Business Messages

Pay only for what’s been delivered

Viber Business Messages are priced per message delivered, not per recipient. This means you’ll only be charged for messages that are actually delivered to a customer, not for messages that are sent. You will learn about many available features when you open your Viber Business account. One of such features is TTL (Time To Live), which helps companies set the time it takes for messages to be delivered to their recipients. Thus, businesses won’t have to pay for unread messages which haven't reached a customer in a limited time frame.

Analytics for marketing campaigns

Real-time data will help you to view the performance of your business campaigns which will allow brands to discover how customers interact with their content (e.g. to see how many people have opened and read their messages). Brands can use this data to decide on audience segmentation strategy, personalize creative content and measure the effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns.

Get maximum out of your first-party data

Integrate Viber Business Messages with your CRM or CDP system to get the most out of your customer interactions. With Viber, you can connect with your customers on a deeper level and keep track of all your essential data in one place. Segment your customers into different groups, track interactions and preferences, use different content for different customer types, and more. Through Viber, brands can send messages that are tailored to each customer. This means that customers feel like they’re being heard and that the brand is interested in their needs, building trust and loyalty, which are essential for any company.

Viber security

Viber offers end-to-end encryption for private and group user chats, and encryption in transit for business messages. The messages are not stored on Viber’s servers; connections are secure and are HTTPS only. This makes Viber a great choice for both users and brand communications. Learn more about the encryption and security of Viber Business Messages.

Why use Viber Business Messages?

Simply put, Viber Business Messages allows companies to send notifications and updates directly to their customers, engaging in a personalized conversation between a brand and a customer. It is a great way to keep your audience informed and up-to-date on what's going on with your business while strengthening the brand-customer relationship while encouraging repeat business. The results? Improved customer service, increased customer engagement, and more sales.

If you're interested in using Viber Business Messages for your company, be sure to check out our website for more information.