Viber Business Messages feature updates: July 2021

Viber mariia-martyrosian
Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Viber Business Messages feature updates: July 2021

Viber provides brands with opportunity to serve customers better by presenting new features in business conversations

Rakuten Viber continues to make users’ communication with brands even easier: users can now pin important information in business chats and reply to a specific message inside a business conversation

Viber, one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, has announced the latest set of new features in Viber Business Messages that will seamlessly allow users to find important messages in a business chat and respond to specific messages in conversations with brands. Viber for Business has extended the “Pin-to-top” feature: in order not to miss key information included in a message, users can now pin a selected message inside a business conversation, or use the other recently  announced option to pin the whole thread at the top of their chats list (similar to a regular conversation with friends). With the “Pin-to-top” feature any important message will be kept handy - for example, a customer signing up for a lab test or booking a hotel room can have quick access to the specific message with details of the appointment or booking confirmation. 

To pin a message inside a business conversation:

  • Select a message
  • Long press, select “Pin”

In addition, users can now reply to a specific message inside a business conversation, allowing users and brands to better maintain and follow the conversation. For example, in an active conversation with a shop with multiple orders, the customer is able to reply to a specific message and be sure that nothing will be misplaced or misunderstood.

Replying to a specific message in business chat is just the same as in a regular private or group chats with other users:

  • Select a message
  • By long touch, select “Reply” or swipe right on the message you would like to reply to

According to statistics, 56% of users prefer to text brands rather than calling them. Viber for Business continues to simplify customer communication with brands by adding new enhancements to the app. Previously, Viber announced other File, Photo & Video sharing functions available in Viber Business Messages whereby users can send photos, videos and up to 200 MB files to businesses. This allows brands to build more meaningful and convenient communication with users and provide customer support they need. All files shared by businesses and users are protected by encryption in transit.