Rakuten Viber’s solution wins the MEFFYS 2023 Payments Award

Rakuten Viber’s solution wins the MEFFYS 2023 Payments Award

Rakuten Viber receives the MEFFYS 2023 Payments Award from Mobile Ecosystem Forum in Barcelona, Spain, gaining recognition for its innovative mobile payment solution.

Rakuten Viber, a global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, has received the prestigious MEFFYS 2023 Mobile Payments Award. Awarded by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum during this year’s MWC Barcelona, it celebrates the progress and innovation in the industry.

Rakuten Viber launched its payment solution as part of the app’s superapp strategy. It allows users to set up a digital wallet and to send money to each other in a fast, secure, and seamless environment. Rakuten Viber remains true to its reputation for stalwart commitment to security: payment confirmations are sent automatically encrypted, and the solution is enabled by licensed financial partners. Payments on Rakuten Viber are set to be intuitive, user-friendly, allowing users to effortlessly make payments—at no cost to them. 

Rakuten Viber's digital payments were introduced in Greece and Germany via a waitlist in July 2022, and to all users in Greece in December 2022. Rakuten Viber is now working on its worldwide roll-out, as well as developing additional features that would increase its utility to users and brands alike. 

Examples of digital payments on Rakuten Viber

It is a great inspiration for the team to see our product recognized, especially given how strong and innovative the competition had been. The Rakuten Viber team is profoundly grateful to everyone who has voted: it is the best kind of feedback.

The team also congratulates fellow industry leaders who have secured MEFFYS awards in other categories: BTS (Global Connectivity), BICS (Mobile IOT), Tata Communications (Personal Data & Identity), Telefónica Global Solutions (Enterprise Communications), MobiBox (Content & Advertising), Vodafone (Sustainability), and Carlos Aragon (Special Award: Personal Contribution to the Mobile Ecosystem). 

A long-running industry awards series, MEFFYS Awards, celebrates ingenuity, creativity, and innovation in the mobile world. Our team is grateful to MEF for the chance to discover developments and companies that have impacted the mobile ecosystem.

“RakutenViber’s digital payment solution introduced last year has brought us a step closer to our goal: letting people make transactions within the app as easily as sending a message. Secure, fast, and free. With this update, Rakuten Viber has truly entered the league of superapps, and we will continue developing in this direction—to benefit both our users and brands using our solutions.” said Limor Bailey, Partnerships Account Director at Rakuten Viber, who received the award on behalf of the company.

We hope this award will be one of many achievements that we will share with you this year!