Where to Meet Rakuten Viber: Upcoming Events

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Where to Meet Rakuten Viber: Upcoming Events

We invite you to meet us at one of the many events our team will be attending and to sign up for the events Rakuten Viber organizes. If you would like to connect at one of the external events, please reach out directly to the Rakuten Viber employee you'd like to meet (click on their name to find them on LinkedIn)—or let us know by email, so that we can arrange a meeting: events@forbusiness.com.


GO Cebu Grand Expo

Where: Cebu, The Philippines

When: 4-6 November 2022

Rakuten Viber Speakers: Karla Banua (Sales Lead – Advertising APAC), Lerick D. Elipe (Business Development Specialist), Danielle Parado (Marketing Manager)

Rakuten Viber has the absolute privilege of acting as a partner at the GO CEBU GRAND EXPO & EXHIBIT, organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). Topics will include sustainability, collaboration, and proactive technology development. The expo will bring together industry leaders, MSMEs, and subject experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, ICT, tourism & travel, business management, and, of course, the creative industry. The event will comprise an exhibition, fun interactive experiences, networking, and, of course presentations, including ours: on November 5, our very own Karla Banua and Lerick D. Elipe will talk about the rising importance of messaging for brands and using Rakuten Viber Channels to amplify your business, and on the next day Danielle Parado will take an even more in-depth look at Viber Channels.


Brandweek Europe 2022

Where: London, UK

When: 10 November 2022

Rakuten Viber Attendees: Cristina Constandache (Chief Revenue Officer) and Jean-Marc Alomassor (Senior Director, Media Solutions)

Brandweek Europe is a first-ever #Brandweek event in Europe, aiming to entertain, educate,  and bring together the community of thought leaders and experts in marketing. It will include a series of events and workshops discussing the technological advancements and challenges marketers and advertisers are dealing with in the increasingly complex world of modern marketing. The agenda makes space for plenty of opportunities to network, so, if you’d like to connect with Cristina Constandache and Jean-Marc Alomassor, please reach out to them.


Adweek Elevate: Future of Shopping

Where: London, UK

When: 16 November 2022

Rakuten Viber Attendees: Corina Tutunaru (Senior Business Manager)

Adweek Elevate: Future of Shopping is an opportunity to meet and exchange expertise with brand leaders, retail trailblazers, and expert marketers. Hot topics are on the agenda: what’s next for shopping in the age of conversational commerce, retail media, data-driven decision-making, personalization, BNPL, and livestreams? Join in on the discussions and be sure to take this opportunity to network—if you’d like to meet with Corina Tutunaru, please reach out to her.


Building Stronger Connections with Customers

Where: Cebu, The Philippines

When: 24 November 2022

Rakuten Viber Speakers: will be announced soon Karla Banua (Sales Manager - APAC), David Tse (Senior Director, APAC), and Chris Aguilar (Marketing Director, APAC)

Join us for a brand-new Rakuten Viber event in the Philippines! During this day-long event, the Rakuten Viber executive team will meet with the media, discuss Viber Channels, and then share the company’s vision for the future of messaging and our business direction, introduce new and upcoming features and solutions, and explain what makes Viber effective and convenient for both brands and users. The event will have limited availability, so be sure to register in time!

Registration will be open soon!


MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel

Where: London, UK

When: December 1 2022

Rakuten Viber Speaker: Cristina Constandache (Chief Revenue Officer)

MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel is a hybrid event focused on the convergence of digital marketing and customer care with business messaging. For marketers, business growth leaders, and omnichannel experts it’s an excellent occasion to learn, forge new strategic connections, pool knowledge, and share expertise on conversational commerce.

At 12:30PM, our speaker, Cristina Constandache (Rakuten Viber’s Chief Revenue Officer), will join a panel discussion: “What Will Be The Key Characteristics Of An Exceptional Customer Journey In 2023?” Together with other panelists, she will discuss the convergence of different approaches to customer engagement and highlight the central role CPaaS and messaging now play in creating a personalized communication experience at every stage of the customer journey.


LEAD 2023: The Advertising Industry's Summit

Where: London, UK

When: 25 January 2023

Rakuten Viber Attendees: Cristina Constandache (Chief Revenue Officer) and Jean-Marc Alomassor (Senior Director, Media Solutions)

The Advertising Association, IPA, and ISBA will hold their annual summit, LEAD 2023, jointly on January 25. Topics on the agenda include the challenges and prospects the advertising industry faces, economic and social recovery from the pandemic, and strategies for collaboration between brands, thought leaders, advertisers, and government that would benefit the entire industry. An all-star speaker line-up will include top-level executives from the three organizers: the Advertising Association’s Alessandra Bellini, the IPA’s Julian Douglas, and ISBA’s Margaret Jobling.

Our fellow attendees will be able to connect with Cristina Constandache online and meet Jean-Marc Alomassor in person, just be sure to reach out beforehand.


We look forward to meeting you at one of the upcoming events. But if you couldn’t make it to one of our recent events or simply want to revisit it, you can use the highlights below to catch up and learn more about Rakuten Viber for Business: