Private and Secure, as a standard

We take security and data protection very seriously and comply with all applicable laws and regulations:

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Connections with our servers are secure and HTTPS only – for businesses and their customers.

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We whitelist a limited number of IPs, not domains, for each business.

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End-to-end encryption is used by default for private, person-to-person chats and calls.

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We don’t sell customers’ information.

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Nothing customers share is stored on Rakuten Viber’s servers once delivered.

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Your Push notifications do not reveal the content of the message itself on your customer’s device lock-screen.

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Viber’s GDPR compliance includes complete data mapping, adjustments to data practices where required and also allowing the automated exercise of data subject rights.
Viber has always put users' privacy concerns as a top consideration in the design of our products and operations. We do not keep content of conversations and cannot read or access them. In addition, we apply security measures to protect the data that we do save about users, whether operational or provided based on consent. This includes being fully compliant with GDPR and other regional data protection laws, as per our Privacy Policy
We store and process personal data on AWS servers
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How does Rakuten Viber allow users to exercise their data subject rights?

Our users can visit our Privacy Rights page for full transparency on how to exercise their rights. We are proud to have created automatic tools for data access and data erasure and for stopping processing requests. Our privacy policy elaborates further on our practices in connection with user data.

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