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Promoting banking products and increasing audience reach with Viber Business Messages

Increase in banking service usage on Viber


Increase in sales meetings booked on Viber



Privatbank is the largest commercial bank in Ukraine in terms of number of clients, asset value and loan portfolio.

PrivatBank wished to engage a new target audience: active, digital native and mobile first. They wished to retain their position as a leading digital bank in Ukraine while increasing brand trust and customer loyalty.


Privatbank took advantage of Viber's 95% smartphone market penetration in Ukraine to inform existing customers about their new banking products, attract the attention of potential customers and increase audience reach - all while reducing their marketing costs.

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PrivatBank launched several campaigns: loan and credit, job recruitment and a chatbot release announcement.

To enrich their customer messaging experience and to increase their conversion rates, PrivatBank took advantage of the different Viber Business Messages features: images, formatted messages and longer message sizes (up to 1000 characters).

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