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Increasing mobile app engagement with Rakuten Viber Business Messages
Business Messages sent


Higher conversion rate on Rakuten Viber versus SMS


Increase in app downloads  



Ukrsibbank is a commercial bank operating in the Ukrainian market since 1990 with almost 2 million customers. In 2006 it became a subsidiary of the French International bank BNP Paribas.

Ukrsibbank wanted to increase client adoption of their mobile app as well as educate existing users on the full functions of the app.


Ukrsibbank used Rakuten Viber Business Messages to promote their mobile app - combining images, CTA buttons and standard text to drive new users while increasing existing user engagement and campaign performance.

Истории успеха Viber 1

Since the adoption of Rakuten Viber Business Messages, in a three-month period Ukrsibbank delivered 6M+ messages to their clients on Rakuten Viber to promote their latest mobile app. Rakuten Viber provided them a 2x higher conversion rate versus traditional SMS:

  • 14% conversion rate for Rakuten Viber
  • 7% conversion rate for SMS

The campaign exceeded the initial expectations:

  • app downloads rose by 50%
  • app usage increased by 30%
“We strive to keep up with our clients and are always on the lookout for an opportunity to improve our services - including communication with our clients. Today, we send around 15 million Rakuten Viber Business Messages and SMS every month. Rakuten Viber is the top messaging app in Ukraine and it’s popular with our clients too.”

This success story has been achieved in cooperation with

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