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Revenues soar, costs and cart abandonment plummet thanks to Viber

Increase in Yespo’s revenue


YoY interactions growth  


More messages sent via Yespo


More orders for Yespo’s client


Of total revenue from Viber users


Revenues from fixed cart abandonment


About Yespo

Founded in 2012, Yespo (ex eSputnik) is a B2C omnichannel customer data platform that aims to help businesses streamline their marketing efforts. They empower brands to manage cross-channel campaigns and deliver the best personalized communications to eCommerce and retail businesses across Europe. Their customer-centric vision inspires them to constantly develop new features and best practices based on their customers’ needs to ensure their marketing campaigns drive the best results.


Yespo is a customer data platform that helps automate marketing for online businesses that want to leverage large volumes of data to communicate with customers over eight direct marketing channels. Yespo wanted to add Viber to their existing portfolio of channels to enhance their omnichannel capabilities and turned to Viber's trusted messaging partner Infobip. Adding Viber was necessary due to:

  • Viber's high penetration and adoption rates in Yespo's target regions
  • Viber’s rich media capabilities that enable engaging, personalized messaging campaigns
  • Convenient messaging, easy implementation, and cost-efficiency thanks to Viber’s good compatibility with Yespo’s omnichannel flows
  • Enhance the omnichannel features of Yespo’s platform
  • Increase the number of messages sent through Yespo’s CDP
  • Boost Yespo’s revenues
  • Expand the number of use cases for Yespo’s clients
  • Empower Yespo’s clients to target various audience segments with personalized messages over Viber

With Viber integration implemented to Yespo’s platform via Infobip, Yespo’s clients created messaging flows that used Transactional and Promotional Viber Business Messages to:

  • push customized offers to existing customers
  • reduce cart abandonment
  • boost revenues
  • set up omnichannel cascade campaigns
  • deliver important and time-sensitive notifications
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How implementing Viber integration has benefitted Yespo:

  • 17x more messages sent via Yespo platform
  • a 245% year-on-year growth in supplier interactions
  • a 4.5x more in revenue
  • Yespo’s clients consider Viber their #1 channel for repeat purchases.

How implementing Viber integration has benefitted Yespo’s clients:

  • 2.5x more orders at half the operational costs: an international eCommerce marketplace, Shafa targeted specific customer segments with personalized Promotional Viber Business Messages containing links and dynamic content.
  • 20% of total revenue coming from Viber users, 70% of that—thanks to reducing cart abandonment: superstore Auchan Ukraine sent Promotional Viber Business Message to customers who’d abandoned their carts.

In Infobip we found a scalable wholesale partner that enabled us to provide our clients a more holistic omnichannel solution with the capabilities of rich media messaging over Viber Business Messages. This helped us increase the number of messages sent via our platform and helped our clients meet their business goals. We’re now looking into Viber Chatbots.

Alexey Danchenko
Co-founder, Yespo Omnichannel CDP


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