Immersive advertising on Rakuten Viber: Loux & FYI Marketing Easter campaign with Viber Gems

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Immersive advertising on Rakuten Viber: Loux & FYI Marketing Easter campaign with Viber Gems

In collaboration with Rakuten Viber and our partner FYI Marketing House, Greek beverage company Loux , 'celebrated' Easter with an immersive marketing campaign on Rakuten Viber. Loux became the first local brand in Greece to use branded Viber Gems for an Easter celebration.

Viber Gems are special animations activated by specific holiday-related words and phrases in users' conversations. So, this year, as millions of people in Greece sent Easter greetings to each other, phrases like "Happy Easter", "Many Happy Returns", and "Xristos Anesti" activated a branded Loux animation with the Easter basket.

Perfect for holiday marketing, corporate branded Viber Gems offer a unique brand placement opportunity. They increase brand visibility, while staying immersive and creating a pleasant and positive association between the brand and a holiday period full of festive vibes. During the Easter period of 2024 in Greece, 13 million Loux-branded Viber Gems were created within just 5 days, making the brand a part of the nationwide celebrations. This was an excellent way to leverage the new holiday marketing tool, as well as Rakuten Viber’s tremendous presence in Greece, which is one of the company’s key markets.

“In Lοux's DNA lies innovation, even in communication. Through the collaboration we've developed with Rakuten Viber, we believe we've done something different. The utilization of branded Viber Gems not only amplified engagement with Loux but also expanded our reach to a broader audience demographic,” says Platon Marlafekas, Vice President at LOUX. “This online campaign differs from the ways of interacting with the public that we have been using until now as it has something completely new to offer.”

Branded Viber Gems used in Loux’s 2024 Easter campaign

Branded Viber Gems are an innovation in digital marketing because they:

  • seamlessly integrate the brand into users' daily conversations on Rakuten Viber, providing a unique opportunity to enhance brand recognition immersively;
  • offer a fun way to showcase the brand and create positive emotional associations for the users;
  • cut through the competition and noise in the digital space as vibrant branded animations easily garner attention from users;
  • increase audience interaction and engagement with the brand, while offering a fun user experience on the Rakuten Viber platform;
  • enhance the brand's image in the digital space and highlight its use of innovative marketing tools and technical solutions, attracting new and existing customers.

"We would like to thank our client, Loux, and our partner, FYI Marketing House, for their trust and continuous effort to innovate and offer inventive formats to the public,” says Nikos Syrios, Media Sales Manager, CEE, at Rakuten Viber. “We believe that this kind of campaign offers Rakuten Viber users a unique interactive experience and strengthens brand awareness."

"We're incredibly proud of our collaboration with Loux and Rakuten Viber on this pioneering campaign,” says Giorgos Karamitsos, CEO at FYI Marketing House. “By harnessing the power of branded Viber Gems, we've not only elevated engagement with Loux but also revolutionized the digital marketing landscape in Greece. This innovative approach marks a new era in our industry."

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