Starting with Greece: Rakuten Viber launches Partner Excellence Program for advertising companies

Viber mariia-martyrosian
Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Starting with Greece: Rakuten Viber launches Partner Excellence Program for advertising companies

Athens, Greece – February 13, 2024 – Rakuten Viber, one of the leading global communication companies and a pioneer in Greece, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of a cutting-edge incentive program tailored for advertising agencies in Greece. This dynamic initiative reflects the company's commitment to fostering mutually beneficial collaborations within the Greek market, assisting advertising agencies in their growth through enhanced education and new tools, thereby building stronger relationships with their clients.

With the Partner Excellence Program, Rakuten Viber underscores its dedication to cultivating relationships with advertising agencies in Greece. Ready to reveal the program, Rakuten Viber sees Greece taking the lead as the inaugural market in its global rollout. This marks a significant milestone, underlining once again the strategic importance of the Greek market for Rakuten Viber.

The elements of this program aim to fortify agencies and their clients to reach new heights. By opting to become official partners through the Rakuten Viber Partner Excellence Program, advertising agencies not only elevate their recognition and prestige but also gain exclusive tools that empower them to deliver distinctive services, reinforcing and enriching their collaborative endeavors.

The program will have three different tiers—Partner, Gold Partner, and Platinum Partner—to access exclusive privileges, such as:

  • Recognition: public acknowledgment as official partners.
  • Education and training: access to specialized educational resources and training programs.
  • Priority access to new products: early access to new products or features, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Premium support: availability of premium support services for the highest level of assistance.

With the Rakuten Viber Partners Excellence program, advertising agencies demonstrate their commitment to best practices in Viber's products, and each level's certification serves as a testament to the reliability by Rakuten Viber. 

To learn more information about the program's benefits for advertising agencies, please visit the landing page.

“We always strive to innovate in our industry, offering exceptional added value to our core services and more functionalities. Our mission with this program is clear: to be your steadfast partner in the advertising market's journey toward unparalleled success," stated Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer of Rakuten Viber. “We tailored the Rakuten Viber Excellence Program to be a reliable companion, offering new advantages that enable companies and advertisers to chart new paths to success. I am genuinely excited about the incredible journey we are about to embark on and look forward to celebrating new successes for your company through our collaboration”.