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The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED)

Helping to automate parts of a contact center through a Rakuten Viber Chatbot  
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The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED)'s mission is the improvement of the business environment in Serbia by supporting economic reforms, with active engagement and cooperation from businesses, local governments and civil society organizations.

NALED goals are:

  • Improving the regulatory and institutional framework for doing business
  • Strengthening the capacities and responsibility of public administration
  • Improve the existing contact centre, enhancing its capabilities to support businesses

The contact centre of republic inspections is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and implemented by the Serbian Ministry of public administration and local-self-government (MPALSG) in partnership with NALED.


In March 2021 the existing contact centre (established in March 2020) was upgraded to a Chatbot named IVA, within Rakuten Viber - allowing MPALSG and NALED to automate parts of the contact centre.

IVA came to Rakuten Viber – a no-brainer, considering Rakuten Viber has a dominant 90% MAU smartphone penetration in the Serbian market – allowing customers to communicate with contact centre using messaging rather than placing a phone call. This made for a much more convenient customer experience while expanding the capacity of the contact centre considerably without putting more demands on existing customer agents.

IVA was promoted within Rakuten Viber using high-impact ads on the Post Call/Chat/Calls and More screens to drive brand awareness without intruding on the user experience, with the aim to grow awareness and attract new subscribers.

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“By introducing IVA – the chatbot channel for communicating with citizens and business – we have significantly improved the work of the Contact Centre of republic inspections by making it easier to submit requests/petitions using Rakuten Viber without creating more work for Contact Center operators. The addition of IVA has modernised the daily operation of the Contact Center, improving efficiency while alleviating pressure on staff.”

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED)

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