Conversation, Not Monologue: Engage with Your Audience on Viber

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Noa Bar Shay
Senior Director, Partnerships & Sales at Rakuten Viber
Conversation, Not Monologue: Engage with Your Audience on Viber

At Viber, we believe conversation is the key to a better world. That’s why we build products that make it easy for people to connect and share their thoughts with each other. Whether it’s messaging, video calling, group chats, or sharing photos and stickers, Viber is the place where people come to connect and have fun. We continue introducing new features, like Viber Lenses, to make sure engaging conversations remain at the heart of everything we do.

Viber had record-breaking numbers last year. People sent 500 billion messages, exchanged 15 billion stickers, and created 50 million Viber Lenses. And 36 billion calls were made that lasted 3 billion hours!  

For businesses, Viber offers a suite of business messaging solutions that help keep companies connected with their customers in real-time, and be more effective than ever before. Viber tools provide brands with an opportunity to engage with their audience in a more personal way than through traditional monologue-style marketing. 

How is mobile messaging different from other marketing channels?

Mobile messaging has revolutionized how brands communicate with their audiences. A conversation, not a monologue, enables brands to connect with their customers in new ways, creating rich, interactive experiences that put the customer and their interests first. Conversations help create a two-way dialogue, thus allowing brands to better understand their audiences, engage with them, and create a more personalized connection through messages relevant to customers’ interests. Additionally, the brand’s communication is immediate and interactive, which means that you can get feedback from your customers in real time. This makes mobile messaging a very powerful tool for customer engagement and retention.

While email is the closest comparison because sometimes customers can respond to a company email (when it’s not a no-reply address), there are several key distinctions: 

  1. Email blasts may be ignored or go unnoticed, but mobile messages are seen and read almost immediately. Mobile messaging reaches people where they are and when they want it.
  2. People can respond to messages instantly, engaging in a two-way conversation, creating an interactive experience.
  3. Mobile messaging is personal. Messages can be sent directly to individuals or groups as segmented in your CRM or CDP, making it the perfect tool for targeted marketing.
  4. Messages can be sent and received in real time, making them the perfect tool for immediate communication.

With its immediacy, interactivity, and personalization, mobile messaging is the perfect way to reach customers and create a connection with them.

Brands that send one-way messages without listening to or engaging with their customers are likely to see lower response rates and customer satisfaction. However, brands that initiate conversations and respond to customer feedback are more likely to create a loyal following.

Discover how a delivery company D Express improved the quality of service and customer experience by enabling conversations via Viber Business Messages.

Creating a customer conversation on Viber

With Viber Business Messages, brands can send transactional, promotional, and conversational messages, all in a single channel. This lets you keep your customers informed and engaged while also providing a convenient and easy way for them to contact you.

Top benefits of Viber Business Messages 

The two-way conversation allows customers to ask questions, give feedback, and share their experiences. Listening to customers provides valuable insights that can help brands improve their messaging strategy and make their products and services more relevant and appealing to customers. Plus, customers can quickly get in touch with brands anytime, anywhere.

Conversations with customers via Viber Business Messages

Engaging conversation through Viber Business Messages

Viber provides brands with a direct line of communication to customers all over the world. Here are just a few ways you can use Viber to create an engaging conversation with your audience:

  1. Start by thinking about what you want to achieve with your Viber messages. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote a new product, or drive traffic to your website or app, make sure your goals are clear before you start messaging.
  2. Keep it casual. When you’re chatting with friends, you don’t talk in a formal tone – so don’t do it on Viber either. Keep your messages short, sweet, and to the point. We recommend keeping your style conversational. Viber is a great way to communicate with your customers in a more informal way, so make sure your tone reflects that.
  3. Use emoji. Emojis are a perfect way to add personality to your messages. They can also help you get your point across more clearly and be more engaging and expressive.
  4. Use images and videos. Images and videos are a perfect way to catch your customers’ attention and help you stand out in the attention span-deprived world.
  5. Be funny. Not everyone is a jokester, but if you are, go for it! Jokes can help break the ice and keep the conversation flowing.
  6. Be curious. When you chat with your friends, you ask them about their day and what they’ve been up to. Show the same level of interest with your customers on Viber. This will help you build a stronger relationship with them.
  7. Show interest in feedback. Your customers want to know that you value their opinion. Answer their questions and respond to comments showing that you care.
  8. Use more forms of content. Contests, quizzes, or surveys are all great tools to keep an audience interested and engaged.
  9. Make sure your messages are relevant. Sending irrelevant messages will only alienate your customers and may even lead to them unsubscribing from your Viber channel.
  10. Be quick. Responding to customer queries and comments quickly is a great way to show that you’re interested in building a relationship with them.
Interactive conversations via Viber Business Messages

Maximize your customer data

By taking advantage of the customer data you have in a CRM or a CDP, you can create more personalized and relevant brand messages. This, in turn, can lead to better engagement rates and a stronger connection with your audience. 

  • Segment your audience based on interests, demographics, and past behavior. This will help you target your messages more effectively.
  • Personalize your messages as much as possible. Use the customer data you have to create custom content relevant to each individual.
  • Make use of automated messages. Such messages (for example, messages that are automatically sent when a specific trigger fires) can be a great way to keep your audience engaged, and they can help you send more targeted messages with less resources.

At its core, mobile messaging is a conversation platform. And as such, it’s the perfect way for brands to engage with their customers. By starting and continuing conversations, brands can create a meaningful, more personal connection with their audiences and keep them coming back for more. 

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