Maximizing the Power of Viber Advertising Solutions for Building Brand Awareness

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Konstantin Kostadinov
Senior Sales Director CEE & CIS at Rakuten Viber
Maximizing the Power of Viber Advertising Solutions for Building Brand Awareness

The role of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in communication, news, and entertainment has become indispensable. As our daily lives become increasingly intertwined with these devices, it's estimated that over half of the world's population now uses smartphones for internet access. Businesses worldwide are capitalizing on this popularity, turning to innovative online advertising strategies to build brand awareness.

Viber Advertising Solutions enable organizations to promote their products or services to a vast and engaged user base through various ad formats, tailored to target specific demographics, locations, and interests; interactive AR Lenses; and captivating Stickers. 

The importance of these tools for your business is evident in the numbers. In 2022, mobile ads accounted for 62% of all digital ad spending. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, with mobile ad spending predicted to surpass $400 billion by 2024. 

Viber Advertising Solutions allow companies to attract new users and elevate brand awareness by maintaining a prominent presence on the platform most preferred by your audience. Brands can track the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

This article aims to provide valuable insights into leveraging Viber’s advertising toolbox for business growth and winning customer attention.

Staying Top-of-Mind with Different Viber Ads Formats

There are multiple mobile Viber Ads formats allowing brands to reach users throughout the app’s interface:

1. Viber Business Inbox: This new premium placement on the app provides advertisers with the opportunity to connect with audiences when they are most ready to see brand content. With Business Inbox serving as a dedicated space for brand-user interactions, brands can seamlessly integrate their ads, resulting in improved brand perception and impressive click-through rates (CTRs).

2. Viber Post-Call: These ads are displayed after the user closes a call and can feature an image or video, text, and a call-to-action button. It can be effectively used to promote products, services, and limited-time offers.

3. Viber Explore: Viber Explore screen is a place where users can discover interesting content, connect with brands and influencers, and stay updated on the latest news. Businesses can leverage this space for promotion, enhancing visibility, growing their chatbots and channels on the app, and staying on top of users' minds. 

4. Viber Chats: These ads are displayed in the form of sponsored messages within users' chats on the Viber app. They appear as part of the chat list and are designed to seamlessly blend in with the user experience.

5. Viber Calls: Users can see your ads displayed on the call screen before they dial, allowing you to reach them on one of the frequently used screens on the app. 

6. Viber More: Enhance your brand's visibility to users who are browsing the sticker store, subscribing to global call plans, or modifying their profile and settings.

Examples of Ads on Viber

Going Viral through Viber Stickers

Stickers are arguably the most organic form of advertising that can be implemented in a messaging app. Everyone wants to download a specific sticker pack that fosters their self-expression and Viber Stickers can be utilized to promote a brand, product, or service.

Users enjoy sharing stickers with their friends, making them an ideal channel for spreading your message. Over 1 billion stickers are exchanged monthly, 30% of active Viber users send a sticker daily, and each is used on average over 11 times. 

There are numerous benefits to using Viber Stickers for businesses:

  • Enhanced recognition: Creating and distributing branded stickers can enhance brand visibility among Viber users.
  • Non-intrusive advertising: Stickers offer a native way to promote products or services. Incorporating subtle branding elements into stickers allows businesses to advertise without being overly promotional.
  • Potential for viral marketing: Stickers have the potential to become viral, especially if they are creative, humorous, or relatable. When users share them with their contacts, it can lead to organic brand exposure and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Standing out from competitors: By creating unique and memorable sticker sets, organizations can set themselves apart and leave a lasting impression on customers.
  • Holistic campaigns: Stickers can be linked to a brand’s chatbot or channel, ensuring an interactive user experience that drives engagement. For example, downloading a free sticker pack will get users subscribed to your brand's chatbot, where they can learn more about your products and purchase them. Stickers can also provide a fun, interactive means of communication in the same chatbot, letting you connect with your target audience on a deeper, more emotional level.
Examples of eye-catching branded Stickers on Viber

Unleashing Creativity through Viber Lenses

Brands can drive awareness and show creativity by building engaging Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for their audience through Viber Lenses. They can integrate elements such as logos, beautification features, color filters, 3D elements, sound effects, and even customized animations into their Lenses. This level of customization allows businesses to create a truly unique and immersive experience that aligns with their image.

Examples of engaging branded Lenses on Viber

The Power of Viber Advertising Solutions

Viber Advertising Solutions serve as a powerful tool for building brand awareness. Here’s what Viber brings to the table:

  • With Viber’s vast user base, businesses have the opportunity to reach a broad audience.
  • Viber Ads' targeting, based on various criteria like demographics, location, and interests, enables brands to connect with the right audience.
  • Native solutions can be seamlessly blended into the app experience.
  • Interactive features like AR lenses and stickers create distinctive and memorable brand connections.
  • Viber Ads can get viral and organic growth through user-generated content, where users can make and share content related to the brand or campaign, increasing brand visibility.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to use the benefits of Viber Advertising Solutions and bring your business to the next level.