Rakuten Viber Business Messages: Essentials for Brand Growth

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Rakuten Viber Business Messages: Essentials for Brand Growth

Companies are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their customer engagement and drive brand growth. As mobile messaging apps gain popularity, Rakuten Viber Business Messages, tailored to modern business needs, help with just that. 

This blog post will discuss the essentials of Rakuten Viber Business Messages for brands. 

Effective Communication for Business Growth

Strong – open, transparent, and unintrusive – communication is vital for business success as it helps build trust and tackle challenges with clients. As a result, they feel valued and are motivated to return. 

Poor communication, on the other hand, may cause missed opportunities, lost sales, and lost customers. 

With messaging apps on the rise, enterprises are integrating them into their daily routine to enhance communication. Surveys have shown that 86% of people like a brand more after messaging with it. Additionally, 82% make a purchase after engaging in messaging with a business, and 64% prefer interacting with companies via notifications as it’s fast and convenient.

Rakuten Viber Business Messages: Features, Benefits, and Security

A powerful tool that enables businesses to send transactional, conversational, and promotional messages. 

Different types of Rakuten Viber Business Messages

Key Features

  • Multimedia: Companies can go beyond mere short texts and send messages with up to 1,000 characters, along with images, videos, files, links, and call-to-action buttons. Customers, in turn, can also share images, videos, links, and files.
  • SMS fallback: When a user has a bad internet connection or is unavailable on Rakuten Viber, the platform automatically sends a message to them as an SMS.
  • Auto-reply allows sending automatic responses to people if you're not available and gives them alternative ways to contact you.
  • Time To Live (TTL): This feature allows companies to specify the duration of message delivery. This is particularly important for time-sensitive notifications, such as one-time passwords. Since businesses pay for delivered messages only, they can also save money on the ones that fail to reach people within a designated period.
  • Customized messaging and CRM integration: Rakuten Viber allows companies to integrate their CRM or CDP systems to segment customers into groups, track their preferences, and personalize notifications accordingly.
  • Pin-to-top: Users can pin specific messages in business chats or the whole chat with a business, such as booking confirmations and tickets to view them quickly.
  • Copy codes: Users can also copy codes, emails, numbers, and links which is especially useful for storing contact information, promo codes, delivery tracking IDs, etc.
  • Reply to a message: Customers can reply to specific messages in a chat, simplifying conversations. They can communicate with a brand as easily as if they were chatting with a friend.

When people receive business messages on Rakuten Viber, they see that the brand is verified, has an official account with a logo, contact information, and description, and is, consequently, credible.

Empowering Businesses with Insights

When integrated with CRM or CDP, Rakuten Viber Business Messages help companies make informed decisions based on the following:

  • Real-time interaction data: Rakuten Viber Business Messages allow real-time interaction with consumers. When information about it is fed into data platforms, businesses can gain immediate insights into consumer interests, needs, and responses that, in turn, have implications as to what businesses need to do.
  • Customer feedback: Rakuten Viber Business Messages can be used to gather feedback. This can provide companies with valuable input on their products or services, helping to identify areas for improvement.
  • Improved segmentation: By segmenting customers based on their behaviors, preferences, and interactions, businesses can better understand how they need to tailor their communication.

Keeping Your Brand Consistent and Secure

A crucial benefit of Rakuten Viber Business Messages is that it provides a single chat for all kinds of messaging, and customers perceive the brands they communicate with on Rakuten Viber as consistent. 

Consistency is important in today's digital world. A vast majority of consumers, namely 90%, seek a seamless and coherent service across multiple communication channels.

When it comes to security, the app uses end-to-end encryption for private, group chats, and private calls, and encryption in transit for Business Messages. Rakuten Viber doesn’t store messages on its servers, uses only a secure HTTPS connection, and is compliant with all applicable data protection laws – all designed for safe, secure, and private communication.

Success Stories


Primer Group of Companies, a retail business in the Philippines, faced challenges due to the pandemic and mall closures. The group used Rakuten Viber Business Messages to offer online vouchers and discounts, resulting in a 53% code redemption conversion rate and a 401% increase in sales.

Promotional Rakuten Viber Business Messages from Primer


A B2C omnichannel customer data platform, Yespo incorporated Rakuten Viber into its array of channels to broaden its reach. Yespo tapped into the usefulness of transactional and promotional Rakuten Viber Business Messages to help brands deliver personalized offers, decrease cart abandonment, increase revenues, establish omnichannel cascade campaigns, and convey crucial, time-sensitive notifications.

The integration resulted in a 17-fold growth in messages sent via Yespo's platform, a 245% YoY boost in supplier engagements, and a 4.5x revenue boost. 

Yespo's clients also reaped the rewards of Rakuten Viber's integration, with international eCommerce marketplace Shafa experiencing a 2.5x surge in orders at half the operational expenses. Superstore Auchan Ukraine attributed 20% of total revenue to Rakuten Viber users, with 70% of that due to reduced cart abandonment thanks to promotional Business Messages.

Rakuten Viber Business Messages from Yespo clients: Auchan and Shafa

How to create Rakuten Viber Business Account

To start sending Business Messages a brand needs to set up a Rakuten Viber Business Account with the help of an official Rakuten Viber messaging partner. Once the account is verified by Rakuten Viber, you'll receive a "blue tick" authentication badge, ensuring your customers recognize your brand as a trusted entity.

Then develop a messaging strategy tailored to your business needs. Begin by defining your goals, target audience, and how you would like to measure your results. 

When creating promotional, transactional, and conversational notifications for a messaging campaign, follow these tips:

  1. Identify the campaign’s target audience and customize your notifications accordingly.
  2. Keep messages short and attention-grabbing. Concise content is more likely to be read and interacted with, as people's attention spans are short. Utilize bullet points and multimedia elements to make your content easily digestible and memorable.
  3. Use emojis, images, and videos to make notifications engaging and personable. Adding these creative elements can help you stand out in a crowded content landscape and humanize your brand.
  4. Personalize content for higher conversions and deeper connections with people. This approach demonstrates that you care about your customers, fostering long-term relationships.
  5. Time messages strategically for maximum impact. Understanding your clientele's demographics, interests, and preferences will help you determine the most effective time to send notifications. Testing different approaches will ensure optimal engagement and response rates.
  6. Use clear and concise call-to-actions to encourage desired responses, using persuasive language and appropriate wording. However, use CTAs sparingly to avoid coming across as pushy or overly sales-focused.
  7. Carry out A/B testing to optimize content and strategy for better results. Comparing various versions of your marketing messages will help you identify the most effective content for generating desired responses.

Rakuten Viber Business Messages stands out as a robust communication tool for marketers around the globe. Thousands of companies already use it to achieve enhanced customer interactions, increased revenue, and improved client relationships.

If you have any questions about Rakuten Viber Business Messages, feel free to contact us.