A unique “Media-first” campaign is led by Fanta on Rakuten Viber

Viber mariia-martyrosian
Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
A unique “Media-first” campaign is led by Fanta on Rakuten Viber

Rakuten Viber, Coca-Cola Hellas, and Mindshare partner to create media-first advertising formats for a Fanta campaign that spotlights carnival season in Greece. With this initiative, Coca-Cola Hellas becomes the first company in the world to use branded Viber Gems, as well as the first to launch branded Viber Lenses in Greece.

The capabilities of branded Viber Lenses and Viber Gems:

  • Viber Lenses, powered by Augmented Reality (AR): They enable users to instantly enhance their photos and videos using AR, which fosters interactive engagement. By sharing these augmented moments, users can deepen their connection with brands.
  • Viber Gems: ‘Gems’ are special animations triggered by specific words and phrases in users' conversations, such as 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy New Year', and similar holiday greetings. Used nearly 7.3 million times each month in Greece, Viber Gems brighten up the chats and draw additional attention to special occasions. This year, for the first time, carnival-related words (Carnival, Masquerade, Clean Monday, Meatfare Thursday, Koulouma, Costume, Dress up, Long weekend) activated a Fanta-branded carnival animation in conversations.
Branded Viber Lenses and Viber Gems for the Fanta campaign in Greece

"We're thrilled about our collaboration with Rakuten Viber on this pioneering “media-first” campaign. Viber Gems and Viber Lenses attracted the Gen Z audience and boosted engagement with Fanta. The implementation of these solutions, for the first time in Greece, represents a significant innovation in digital marketing," stated Maria Fitta, Media Operations Senior Manager MED at Coca-Cola Hellas.

"Our goal is clear — to empower Greek businesses to innovate and to serve as a global superapp that addresses their local needs,” says Nikos Syrios, Sales Manager, CEE, at Rakuten Viber. “Our collaboration with Coca-Cola Hellas and Mindshare to introduce branded Viber Gems and Viber Lenses for the first time in the country has been a part of this mission, made possible thanks to the company’s trust and dedication to pushing boundaries.”