Micro-moments: How to capitalize on consumers' in-the-moment decision-making

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Micro-moments: How to capitalize on consumers' in-the-moment decision-making

The age-old saying “seize the moment” has never been more relevant than in today's swiftly changing digital environment, where, to spontaneously do something, 96% of people reach for their smartphones. Whenever a person does that, it’s called a micro-moment. During those, people typically want the following:

  • To investigate or research a product or service without the intention to purchase.
  • To go somewhere — to a local business or a local store — to see if there is anything interesting and maybe buy something there.
  • To get help with completing a task or trying something new.
  • To receive guidance as to where and how to buy something.
Mobile's impact on consumer behavior

These moments are great chances for your organization to connect with and impress people and affect their choices and likes. With over 1 billion Android downloads worldwide, Rakuten Viber is the ideal platform for businesses to tap into the real-time, instant decision-making of consumers. In this article, we'll uncover how Rakuten Viber can help you capitalize on these swift yet potentially profitable periods of time. 

Micro-Moments: The Driving Force Behind Customer Journey

The significance of micro-moments has risen today as consumers want quick and accessible information. A large portion of internet surfers, around 43.2%, utilize the internet to research products and brands, while 69% of them use their phones for shopping assistance. These micro-moments are integral to the purchasing journey: they represent the various touchpoints where people interact with companies. In the current hyper-connected era, these moments almost always involve turning to a smartphone.

Customer shopping habits

Smartphones play a vital role in the customer journey, with individuals researching products (63%), comparing prices (62%), searching for deals (56%), checking store hours (54%), and finding alternate store locations (52%). A significant number of shoppers (80%) use their mobile phones while in a brick-and-mortar store to gather information or even to buy things online. According to a Datareportal study, 58% of internet users make online purchases of products and services every week.

To succeed in this landscape, embrace three tactics: 

  • Be there
  • be useful
  • be quick.

Here is how Rakuten Viber’s capabilities help achieve this threefold goal.

Be There With Rakuten Viber

Strengthen Your Brand Presence with Rakuten Viber Business Messages

Rakuten Viber Business Messages can help brands be there and be useful during buyers’ micro-moments. 

  • Transactional business messages inform consumers about their purchases, delivery time and status, etc., ensuring that they feel supported throughout their buying journey.
  • Conversational business messages enable organizations to connect with people directly in real time, answering questions, resolving issues, and providing personalized help.
  • Promotional business messages keep customers updated about the latest offers, deals, and special occasions, capturing their interest during crucial micro-moments. By integrating Rakuten Viber Business Messages with CRM or CDP systems, companies can optimize processes and analyze conversation history to offer better service in the future.
Examples of Rakuten Viber Business Messages

In Rakuten Viber Business Messages, one can use content-sharing options like high-quality images, videos, interactive buttons, and links. These capabilities help develop in-depth tutorials, showcase products, and personalize customer assistance in other countless ways.

Business messages go right to a specially designated folder, Rakuten Viber Business Inbox, described below. 

Rakuten Viber Business Inbox 

Rakuten Viber Business Inbox is a separate area for brand-client chats, letting users manage all business messages in one place. This folder can be found in the regular Chats screen and appears automatically if a person has chats with companies or gets their first message from them.

The Business Inbox folder can help brands leverage consumers' micro-moments to their advantage in several ways:

  • Enhanced visibility & engagement: With Business Inbox prominently displayed at the top of chat lists, brands gain increased exposure and users can quickly access relevant information, leading to reduced block rates and higher open rates.
  • Separation of personal & business chats: By keeping these types of chats separate, people can better focus on their interactions with brands.
  • New advertising opportunities: Brands can take advantage of a unique ad placement within the Inbox, targeting customers who are already primed for communication with them.
Rakuten Viber Business Inbox for brand-user interactions

Boost Attractiveness with Rakuten Viber Lenses

During micro-moments, AR-powered Rakuten Viber Lenses can offer interactive and engaging experiences to consumers, driving engagement and purchase decisions in several ways.

  • Lenses can be designed as games, quizzes, randomizers, and character interactions, helping people explore various products in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Consumers can virtually try on different hair color or accessories using AR lenses, which adds an element of entertainment and allows making informed decisions based on how the products look on them.
Fun customer experiences with Rakuten Viber Lenses

Be Lightning-Quick With Chatbots

While all Rakuten Viber superapp’s capabilities help brands be there and be useful, Rakuten Viber Chatbots help them be quick. Provide instant, personalized, and seamless communication, the bots ensure that users receive the relevant information they need just in time.

  • With features such as customizable keyboards, rich media elements, easy discoverability, and secure payment options, Rakuten Viber Chatbots can enhance the user experience during micro-moments.
  • They offer 24/7 support, quickly guiding customers through product selections, order management, and answering frequently asked questions.
  • Improved engagement and stronger connections between consumers and brands are achieved by delivering personalized and interactive communication during crucial micro-moments.
  • The automation provided by Rakuten Viber Chatbots ensures efficient handling of clients queries, resulting in faster responses, reduced wait times, and increased satisfaction.
  • Showcasing the brand's products and services within the chat interface allows for easy browsing and discovery, making it even more convenient for customers during micro-moments.
Instant support with Rakuten Viber Chatbots

Rakuten Viber — A Key to Customers’ Micro-Moments

Understanding and capitalizing on micro-moments is essential for companies looking to stay ahead. These crucial bits of time are the driving force behind customer journey, and being able to leverage them can significantly boost brand loyalty and long-term success. By utilizing Rakuten Viber's wide range of tools, such as Rakuten Viber Business Messages, Ads, Lenses, and Chatbots, companies can help their audience during these critical moments, which ultimately leads to conversions and customer satisfaction.

So, don't let these fleeting moments pass you by — tap into their potential with Rakuten Viber.