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Meaningful connections

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Meaningful connections

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Meaningful connections

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Rakuten Viber Business Messages

Reach your customers on a more personal level through Rakuten Viber Business Messages, a convenient Rakuten Viber for Business tool to send customers messages related to your brand all in the same thread, be they promotional, transactional or conversation

Business chats


A true conversation starter

A true conversation starter

Business Messages gives brands the power to initiate the conversation – with just a phone number.

By connecting the Rakuten Viber Business Messages channel with a CRM platform, brands can personalise their communications effectively with their opt-in customer base using a tailored messenger marketing tool.

Send different message types

Send different message types

Rakuten Viber Business Messages lets you send multiple message types within the same channel, making it simpler for the customer and more efficient for the brand: transactional, promotional and conversational messages.

Enhance your messages

Enhance your messages

Augment your messages with rich content like images, interactive buttons and links, making them more dynamic and providing a stronger call to action.

Rakuten Viber Business Messages can be 1000 characters long, compared to 160 with traditional SMS.

Share files, photos and videos

Share files, photos and videos

Exchange files and photos with your customers like customer warranties, booking confirmations, invoices while they can send you images, identity documents, video reviews and more.

A trusted Rakuten Viber business account

A trusted Rakuten Viber business account

A “blue tick” next to your channel name and a dedicated company profile page with address, phone number, website and brand logo assures your customers that they are messaging the official Rakuten Viber business account.

A dedicated business chat inbox

A dedicated business chat inbox

Rakuten Viber Business Messages conversations are gathered into a dedicated folder located in their chat list - making it easier to find communications from relevant companies.



Customers can pin Business Messages on Rakuten Viber to the top of their main Chats screen so they’re always at front of mind.

Ensure your messages get through

Ensure your messages get through

Guarantee the deliverability of your most important messages by setting up a fallback to SMS mechanism and by defining a maximum time window (TTL) until your message is converted to SMS.

Measure success

Measure success

With dynamic delivery, open and read metrics, brands can easily qualify campaigns for greater understanding versus traditional SMS.

Rakuten Viber Business Messages pricing

Every Business Message is cost-effective with Rakuten Viber business pricing - companies pay only for the messages that are delivered to customers.

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Transactional messages

charged per message delivered

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Promotional messages

charged per message delivered

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Conversational messages

charged per session*

What’s a conversational session?

A 24-hour conversational session starts whenever a user messages the business. After 24 hours or after the limit of 60 messages per session is reached, the session terminates automatically. The next time a user messages the brand, a new session starts.

Can I message a user outside of a session? For example, to try and start a conversation?

Messages sent outside of a session are charged per message delivered. If the user responds, a session will be initiated and session rates will apply.

What’s the minimum commitment per month?

For all active businesses, there is a minimum fee per month: no matter how many messages are sent, the business will pay no less than that sum. At the end of the month, each brand receives a bill based on the actual messaging traffic it has generated. If it adds up to less than the minimum fee, the brand is charged the minimum fee. Otherwise, the business is simply charged based on its usage of business messages. 

NOTE: Rakuten Viber does not require a monthly fee for the first calendar month of a Business registration. For example: if service for a Business is created on February 2nd, 16th, or even 28th—the monthly fee will only be applied from March.
How much does it cost to send Rakuten Viber Business Messages? What’s the minimum fee?

The rate and minimum fee depend on the country code of the phone number with which the users you’re messaging are registered on Rakuten Viber.

How to start with  

Rakuten Viber Business Messages

If you’re interested in launching your Business Messages channel as part of your mobile marketing strategy, here’s what to do…



Select one of our trusted messaging partners who will walk you through how everything works.



Your chosen partner will work with you to set up your account on their interface, providing either a self-service platform or a dedicated API to connect to your own CRM system.   


03. CHAT

Once your customer consents to communications on Viber, initiate the discussion.

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