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Boosting global awareness and supporting fundraising activities with a Viber marketing campaign

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WWF and the 13 tiger-range country governments set up a TX2 (Tigers time two) campaign with the goal of doubling the wild tigers' numbers between 2010-2022.

In partnership with Viber, WWF launched a campaign around World Tiger Day 2019 and Russian Tiger Day to spread the tiger conservation message, boost awareness in the tiger-range markets and support fundraising activities in key fundraising markets.


WWF partnered with Viber to launch multiple three-month campaigns. These campaigns incorporated a sticker pack, chatbot and Viber community to engage a large audience and encourage donations to WWF causes.

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By combining a local strategy in Russia and a global campaign everywhere else, WWF succeeded in raising awareness to support the preservation of the tiger population around the globe, and engage a large Viber audience in conversation.

Global campaign key results:

  • 1.7M sticker packs downloaded
  • 3.2M exposed users to WWF stickers
  • 21.5M+ interactions within WWF chatbot

Russian campaign key results:

  • 11M localized stickers shared
  • 5M Russian exposed users

“Our ongoing partnership with Viber provides WWF with vital communication channels to reach a huge and very engaged global audience. The introduction of a donation ask, supported also by Viber was an exciting and much-welcomed addition. We were extremely pleased to see the positive response from Viber users.”

Edward Partridge
WWF International (Corporate Partnerships)


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