How to create effective customer conversations with Viber Business Messages

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Etienne Dupont
Senior Director of Global Sales & B2B Marketing at Rakuten Viber
How to create effective customer conversations with Viber Business Messages

Messenger marketing: turning conversations into conversions

When it comes to gauging a business’ success, sales is no longer the key metric. Now more than two-thirds of companies compete primarily based on customer experience. Why is that such an important measure? Because good customer experiences mean repeat business, which is the lifeblood of any brand.

One key way to improve your company’s customer experience is through the use of messaging apps. These are convenient (customers already have them installed on their devices) and conversational (some of them - also for brands), and provide a direct, personal engagement between you and your customers. And it works. 65% of customers feel more positive towards brands that allow two-way messaging, while three out of four consumers get frustrated when they can’t respond after receiving an automated text message from a brand.

So how do you use messenger marketing to create more engaging, rewarding conversations with your customers?

Integrate Viber Business Messages with your CRM for personalized connection with your customers

Technology has greatly streamlined the user experience, but often you wouldn’t know it. Too many times, customers are asked to re-introduce themselves to a brand again and again at multiple touchpoints, having to enter the same basic information (name, address, payment details) more times than is necessary. Customers hate it. Far better to enter it once and once only. 

The good news is this is possible, and desirable for customers. According to LivePerson’s survey, 64% of people approve of businesses using information they shared directly in messaging conversations to improve their customer experience.

Integrating Viber Business Messages with your CRM or CDP will let you access your customer’s history, including name, interests, previous orders and delivery details. Which simplifies things immensely. For example, when a loyal customer buys again from the brand, they can just confirm their delivery details are the same as last time, rather than entering all that information again. Or when a client that has recently bought a household appliance at your store sends you an after sales query, you can not only address them by name but also immediately understand which appliance model they are referring to. In addition, if they then contact you a few days later with another question, they won't have to reintroduce themselves and the situation to another person. It rewards loyalty, rather than punishes it. And it creates a natural end-to-end user experience that’s more likely to generate repeat business.

Respond to customers in real time

Customers are done being kept on hold for hours. They want help. Now. As such, they’re taking to social media and messaging apps for an instant response. And they expect their favorite brands to be there too, ready to help.

Chatting to customers through a messenger means you can respond instantly to requests and increase your customer lifetime value (how much a customer is worth to a company over the term of their relationship). It also means a much better quality of service for the customer.

For example, Viber Business Messages lets brands provide a store-style concierge service through digital channels. You can help customers choose the right gifts, discuss booking details, help assemble furniture post-purchase and more. It’s the in-store experience brought straight to the home.

Examples of conversations with real agents on Viber Business Messages

Conversational Viber Business Messages – one tool for different use cases

Real conversations between live agents and customers can cover many subjects, from managing order and delivery details, providing help choosing a product or making a booking, or managing loyalty programs. They can also promote products via personalised offerings, support the post-purchase experience, and more...

  • Help choose the right product

Even frequent customers might need help choosing a product – maybe they want help picking a size without being able to try the garment on, or just want to know more about what a product’s features will mean for them. Viber Business Messages’ two-way conversations put shoppers in touch with real assistants to provide instant answers, whatever their query.

  • Manage order and delivery

Customers don’t only want to know where their orders are, but also to be able to specify the delivery time and location, especially for time-sensitive orders like Christmas gifts. Business messages within messaging apps let you notify customers of their order status and adjust the delivery details (including booking a re-delivery), all from their phone. It makes a real difference to customer satisfaction levels. Want proof? Just ask Serbian company D Express, which used Viber for Business messaging solutions to deliver more messages first time and greatly boost its customer satisfaction levels.

  • Provide post-sales support

The customer journey doesn’t end once they have made a purchase. In some ways, your job is just beginning, as you set about upgrading a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. How? By staying in touch using conversational messages and helping where needed.

Say a customer has just bought a new juicer, and wants to know more about some of its features. Instead of calling customer services, they can just message the company through a messaging app to receive support, tips, tutorial videos and more. All at the touch of a button.

  • Collect customer feedback

Real-time customer support through business messages provides instant (and valuable) feedback on how your company is performing and makes customers feel that their opinions are valued. Following up with customers will let you provide timely assistance if needed, and collect positive reviews for your brand’s website or social media channels. It’s win-win.

Conversations with clients via Viber Business Messages

Viber Business Messages features to support smooth conversational flow

To best support users and brand conversations Viber is constantly developing and rolling out new features.

For example, users can easily send photos, videos and different files to brands. This can help with post-sales support like furniture assembly, doing away with the need for an in-person visit – especially valuable during these pandemic times.

It works the other way too, enabling file-sharing for brands to send information like receipts, invoices, and booking confirmations. For example, a person making a hotel reservation can get their booking confirmation directly through a messaging app.

Users can pin important business messages within a thread, or pin the whole conversation to the top of the main chat screen. That way they can get to what matters, fast. For instance, pinning your hotel booking will speed up the check-in process, while pinning a negative PCR test result will mean it’s always at hand to show at the airport.

Users can reply to specific messages inside conversations with brands, so it’s clear which product the customer is referring to. 

There’s also an auto-reply feature that works like an out of office. That way, customers can seek support from another channel, and not feel like they’ve been ghosted.

Different Viber for Business features to support smooth conversational flow

Why customers love conversational Viber Business Messages

  • They’re already on messaging apps, chatting with friends and colleagues. There are no new apps to install, no new programs to learn, and no more sign-up details to submit.
  • It’s one-on-one, conversational, and always customer-centric (like phone or email, but without the hold music or spam).
  • It’s convenient, letting customers start and pick up conversations when it suits them. And there’s no need to repeat information just because a new agent has taken over the chat.
  • It builds customer confidence that the brand cares about them and wants to improve their customer experience.

Viber Business Messages is your ticket to an upgraded customer care experience. Not only does it let businesses help customers through a convenient communication channel, it creates real conversations and meaningful relationships that strengthen the bond between customer and brand. This is bolstered by Viber Chatbots, which offer 24/7 customer support, and provide an affordable and efficient way to answer frequently asked questions, regardless of the volume, time of day or language. And if the query is more complex, it can be escalated to agents through the Business Messages channel, ensuring the customer is always cared for. Look after them, and they will look after your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about messaging solutions that Viber for Business has to offer.