Competing For Customer Attention

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Competing For Customer Attention

In a world where people are bombarded with content and ads from all sides, competition for attention is only going to get tougher in the years ahead. Websites, podcasts, apps, videos, streaming services, and social media platforms are constantly vying for users' attention. If you want your brand to be discovered in this overcrowded space, consider turning to innovative ways to reach your target audiences.

Rakuten Viber is a global messaging platform used by millions of people around the world. Thousands of brands choose Rakuten Viber as a preferred way to communicate with their customers. In this article, we compiled a list of some of the best practices from brands that have been using Rakuten Viber successfully to cut through the noise, make a brand seen (and loved!), engage audiences, and meet business results.

And our most important recommendation is don’t overdo it. Sending more messages or launching more ads doesn’t always mean efficiency. You don’t want to be too invasive because you might lose your customers.

1. Shorten and simplify.

In a world of overwhelming choices, simplicity is key. If your brand is able to communicate its message in a clear and concise way, it will catch the audience's eye and be more likely to resonate with customers. Simplicity doesn't mean boring, though. In fact, it often means the opposite. A simple marketing message can be more memorable and distinctive than a complex one. So, focus on a few key elements and make them work together harmoniously. It will make your content easy to remember and hard to forget!

Examples of short and simple ads and branded stickers in Rakuten Viber

2. Be true and authentic.

As consumers become more and more savvy, they can spot inauthenticity a mile away. If you want your company to stand out, its general message needs to be genuine. Be true to your values and your customers will take notice. A brand that is authentic is one that is true to itself, it doesn't try to be something it's not or copy others. That's how you can get a clear voice that comes through in everything you do. This way, you will build loyalty and create a strong bond between the consumer and your business.

3. Don’t be like everybody else. Be different.

In a sea of sameness, being unlike others is what will help you be seen. Find your niche: there are so many companies out there vying for attention, so it's important to find something that you can focus on. What makes the brand truly unique? What do you have that no one else has? And don't be afraid to take risks when it comes to your branding. Be bold in your designs, your messaging, and your overall approach. This will help you to stand out from the more conservative players in your industry. Rakuten Viber makes it easy to test concepts and see what works, and what might need adjustment.

Authentic and unique Coca-Cola campaigns on Rakuten Viber

4. Be relevant.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers are interested in today, and make sure your brand is always speaking to their needs. What's popular today might be gone tomorrow, so you need to be ahead of the curve and keep an eye on the latest news and developments in your industry. It can be a challenge to keep up with everything, but it’s worth it. People will always appreciate being understood and will value brands that go an extra mile.

5. Have an opinion.

With so many brands competing for attention, it's important to have a point of view that sets you apart. Take a stand on something and make sure your customers know what you think of it. In order to succeed, you need to have a clear stance on what you believe in, and be unafraid to share it with the world. This way, your audience will see that your brand is more than just a product or a service, but an entity with its own perspective.

Examples of brands communicating on Rakuten Viber about their social responsibility position

6. Be creative.

With so many copycats in content people consume every day, being original is a great way to stand out. Be creative, be unique, and be innovative in your approach. If you have something new to offer, make sure your customers know about it. This will help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Examples of creative marketing campaigns on Rakuten Viber

7. Be human.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it's important to remember that people are still people. Brands need to find a way to connect with their customers on a human level. This means using language that is relatable and easy to understand, and being approachable and easy to talk to. If you can find a way to connect with your customers on a human level, they will be more likely to connect with your brand.

Examples of real agents communication with customers via Conversational Business Messages on Rakuten Viber

8. Be available.

Everything in the digital world is moving incredibly fast, and it's important to be available when your customers need you. Be responsive to their questions and concerns, and be available when they need you most. Rakuten Viber Conversational Messages and Chatbots were created specifically for this purpose – to help brands stay connected with their customers 24/7.

24/7 customer support and service with Conversational Business Messages and Chatbots on Rakuten Viber

9. Know your audience.

In order to be successful, you need to know who your audience is and what they want. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's important to really take the time to understand who your target customers are. What are their pain points? What do they hope to achieve by using your product or service? What kind of content do they already consume and enjoy? Once you have a good understanding of who your potential clients are, you can create audience segments, and start creating materials that speak directly to each segment. Write blog posts, create infographics, shoot videos, or whatever else you think will resonate with your audience and help them achieve their goals. 

10. Take advantage of tech innovations.

Rakuten Viber is constantly introducing new features and new ways for brands to interact with their customers. For example, Branded Rakuten Viber Lenses allow brands to create fun, engaging experiences that bring their products and messaging to life. Rakuten Viber Chatbots are perfect for creating automated conversations that can answer customer questions, provide support, and even make recommendations, on top of this, Chatbots enable payments for seamless customer journey. And Rakuten Viber Business Messages is the go-to solution for brands to send different types of one-to-one messages directly to customers.

Examples of Branded Rakuten Viber Lenses, Chatbots and Business Messages

We hope you find these tips helpful and feel inspired to use them in your own marketing efforts. And if you have any questions, our team is always happy to answer any questions.